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Runway Improvements 16/34 at Marshfield, WI (MFI) 

The City of Marshfield is considering improvements to the Marshfield Airport

One of these improvements is the possibility of extending the long runway 16/34. It should be noted that the Marshfield Airport and the City of Marshfield are not extending the runway at this time. They are however asking assistance from the users of the airport whom own or fly a corporate aircraft that would require a greater landing distance.


The City has several reasons for the proposed expansion.

  • -Jet Traffic will not land at the airport if the runway is wet due to the lack of braking distance on a 5,000’ runway.
  • -County Hwy BB south of the airport is being relocated 500’ further south.
  • -The City has taken advantage of several construction projects in town to provide fill off the end of 34 for the runway expansion. This fill was free to the City and it has possibly saved the project over $600,000.

Why The City Needs Your Help

The City of Marshfield has put together a survey to provide the Bureau of Aeronautics in Wisconsin justification as to why the runway expansion needs to happen. With the repositioning of the County Hwy BB further south and fill off the approach end of 34 we are in a great position to expand the runway. We are asking the Federal Aviation Administration and Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics for their assistance. If we can document that the expansion is a worthwhile endeavor and justify the amount of operations it will generate, then the FAA and Bureau will participate with the project.

The City is in a catch 22 position at the moment. The present operations will not justify the expansion alone. With traffic deviating to other airports due to wet runway conditions, we are loosing operations that could be counted toward our goal.

Thank you
Marshfield Airport Committee and Airport Management