We Offer Training At Your Own Pace. We can train as slow or as Accelerated at you wish. We offer training, written testing and pilot exams in house.

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Learn To Fly at Duffy’s Aircraft

Why Learn To Fly?

Flying can be rapid and direct transportation to a remote vacation or distant job site. It can be taking your friend for some sightseeing and photography , or taking an important client to check out a parcel of real estate from the air. You might take off to do some flying or to enjoy a sunny day in the sky. Ask any pilot about their first solo flight an you are likely to get a smile and an earful of enthusiasm.

There's really nothing quite like learning to fly. It provides a sense of freedom, accomplishment, and mastery. You will develop a knowledge of flight planning, regulations and the national airspace system. Flying will also challenge your coordinations skills as you learn to control your aircraft in three dimensions and make perfect landings while correcting for crosswinds. Learning to fly imparts a new appreciation for geography as you begin to navigate by pilotage, dead reckoning, and radio instruments. Your perception of the world changes forever as you view the terrain features from above.

At Duffy’s Aircraft we have:

We offer training at your own pace. We can train you as slow or as accelerated as you wish.

Introductory Flight
See If Flying Is Right For You.

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Sport Pilot
For Some It Is A Beginning Point

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Private Pilot
For Many People This Is The Beginning

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How to finance flight training.