Aircraft Leasing

Leasing an aircraft from Duffy's Aircraft is similar to a rental agreement, with the exception that the Lessee (yourself, your business, your club, or your group), has exclusive use of the aircraft for long term use.

Duffy’s Aircraft only leases aircraft that will be based in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota - Sorry No exceptions. I am sorry, but we have experience too many bad business dealings in the past to consider going outside our territory for leases

Maintenance on leased aircraft is to performed by Duffy’s Aircraft, so planes are expected back on a regular basis for inspections / oil changes. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to get the airplane back to Duffy’s for these inspections. The Lessee is responsible for the time put on the aircraft coming to and from Duffy’s Aircraft’s maintenance facility. In most cases, there will be no charge for maintenance performed on Duffy’s Aircraft.

Avionics maintenance or upgrading will be split between Duffy’s Aircraft and the Lessee.

A minimum required time is expected each month on the aircraft to maintain the lease. This is generally 10 to 15 hours. The Lessee is expected to pay Duffy’s Aircraft the 1st of each month, the minimum time plus any additional time over the minimum the aircraft was used.

The Lessee will hangar the aircraft while it is in their possession.

Insurance will vary depending upon how many people are leasing the plane. Most individuals or groups under four people can get a business and pleasure policy that covers them for full hull and liability. Larger groups may need to consider a commercial policy. The Lessee is responsible for insuring the airplane and making sure that Duffy’s Aircraft is named as insured. Full hull coverage and liability insurance is required on a lease. We highly recommend getting insurance from Aviation Insurance Resources, as they are Duffy’s Aircraft insurance provider. In the event of an accident or fender bender, it is best to work with the same insurance company.

Each Lease is custom tailored to the individual or group leasing the aircraft. If you would like to review our lease, stop by and talk to Duffy about leasing an airplane. We are an old fashioned family business. We will be happy to go over a typical lease with you and the details of our lease.

A Down payment of the minimum time for the first month is typically due at time of pick-up.

The Lessee is required to provide the aircraft time sheet / hours each month to Duffy's Aircraft along with the appropriate payment for the usage of the aircraft each month.
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Lease Aircraft

Types of Aircraft available for lease: Cessna 172s, Cessna 172 RGs, Cessna 182 RG, Cessna 152, Piper PA-28-140 Cruisers, Piper PA 28-181 Archers, and others. Any or all aircraft may not be available as they may be leased or rented. Contact Duffy at 715-387-2211 about leasing.

How To Start A Lease

Aircraft are leased out at various times throughout the year so it greatly depends on what we have in at the time that is available to lease. If you would like more information, please call Duffy or Jeff at 715-387-2211