Join a Club at Duffy's Aircraft

Duffy's Aircraft offers individuals the ability to have use of an aircraft at a reduced rate. Each aircraft represents an individual club. The club use is not across all aircraft, but just the one you are signed up for.

Each club consists of two to four people.
Aircraft are reserved by calling Duffy's Aircraft and being put on the schedule.
Maintenance is performed by Duffy's Aircraft
Avionics repairs are shared amongst the members
GPS Data is the responsibility of the members

Each individual in the club is responsible for:
  • A share of the insurance of the aircraft (Pilots are named insured on the aircraft)
  • A minimum fee each month
  • To replenish the fuel they used in the aircraft
  • If the person exceeds the per month required hrs, they are billed a per hr rate for their additional time.
  • Terms are for a year or remainder of the term of the insurance.