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Complex Endorsement

General Requirements:
1. Hold at least a private pilot certificate 2. Hold a current medical or BasicMed
Flight Requirements:
There is no specific hourly requirements the applicant must meet for the endorsement. An average student requires 2 hrs of flight time
This is an estimated cost only, the actual amount varies with each pilot and the amount of time they have already that will count towards this rating. Prices are subject to change and may not reflect the current cost of flight instruction, aircraft rental, materials and exams. 
Aircraft Rental 2 hrs @ $155/hr


Instructor Time (includes flight and ground time) - 3 hours @ 40/hr


Training Materials (tax included)




Approximate Total Cost


*Actual cost may vary. Some pilots spend more time then the minimum amount of time flying. Rates of the Aircraft and rate of the instructor may increase without notice.