Duffy's Aircraft keeps a wide variety of pilot supplies on hand as well as Headsets and Intercom Equipment

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We have training supplies as well as fuel testers and various aviation books available.

Looking for a Headset, stop on in and we would be happy to talk to you about one. We carry headsets and intercoms in stock. If we don't have what you are looking for we can help you find it.
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We have on hand the Wisconsin Airport Directory & Pilot's Guide and the Wisconsin Aeronautical Chart. Both publications are printed by the State of Wisconsin.

The chart and guide are printed every other year.

For even number years a new chart is printed.

For odd number year the guide is printed

2012 - chart
2013- guide
2014 - chart
2015 - guide

Note: These publications are printed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation / Bureau of Aeronautics.
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We keep in stock the latest Airport Facility Directory for EAST CENTRAL U.S. This directory covers Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

We also keep in stock the Surrounding U.S Terminal Procedures (Approach Plates).

We have on hand
EC-1 (Michigan)
EC- 2 (Indiana & Ohio)
EC-3 ( Wisconsin & Illinois)
NC-1 (Minnesota, North Dakota & South Dakota)
NC-3 (Iowa & Missouri)
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We keep on hand the local Enroute Charts for Wisconsin

L 13 & L 14

L 27 & L 28

L 31 & L 32

Wisconsin is divided across the three separate maps.

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We also keep on hand a wide area of sectionals.

Green Bay (Covers Upper Wisconsin)

Chicago (Covers Lower Wisconsin)

Chicago Terminal Area Chart
Minneapolis / St. Paul Terminal Area Chart
Lake Huron
St. Louis
Kansas City