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Computerized Exams at Duffy's Aircraft

Duffy's Aircraft is proud to announce that we are a CATS testing center and CATS Partner Comira. We are approved to provide you your written Federal Aviation Administration and Comira exams.

To Schedule A Test Call Jeff G. 715-387-2211

Tests may be scheduled for:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • and Saturdays
  • Wednesdays and Sundays will only be considered with prior arrangements.

Appointments are required for a test.

The Federal Aviation Administration and ODA have established all aviation exam fees at $150

CATS is supported by the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association. If you are an AOPA member, be sure to bring your membership number in with you for a discount on your test.

If you call and schedule with Duffy’s Aircraft we will provide you a special “Duffy” Discount which is better then the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Associates Discount.

Comira Exams and fees are arranged through Comira / CATS. Sorry there is no Duffy discount for Comira tests.

Drone / UAV Applicants - The Written exam for testing will be available after August 29th, 2016. Yes we are offering this test at Duffy's Aircraft. You can call us for an appointment and register the day of the test, or you can contact CATS and pre-register with them. The test costs the same as all aviation exams $150. Retests are also $150. The test is 60 questions, 2 hours are allowed for the test.

Aviation Applicants - Please bring the following with you or you will be unable to take a test.

  • 1.A government issued photo identification that has your present address.
  • 2.Endorsement from your instructor or recommended training course such as KING or Gleim for example
  • 3.An E6B Flight Computer
  • 4.A Calculator
  • 5.A Plotter

All other materials (pencils, paper, supplemental booklet, etc.) will be provided for you.

No Cellphones, jackets, hats or non-medical electronic devices are permitted in the room during a test.