Sport Pilot Rating at Duffy's Aircraft Sales and Leasing Inc.

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We apologize, Duffy's Aircraft no longer has a sport aircraft to flight train with in our rental fleet. We can however provide Sport Pilot Training If you have a Sport capable aircraft. Also please consider our Private Pilot Training and Advance Training.
Description of Sport Pilot Rating
The sport pilot certificate is a new pilot certification category created by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifically to address the desire of individuals wishing to fly aircraft primarily for recreational purposes. A sport pilot may only operate an aircraft during daylight hours (civil twilight). New pilots seeking a sport pilot certificate will be able to learn how to fly sport airplanes in as little as 20 hours of flight instruction, saving both time and money. (Note: Your flight instructor will make the final determination as to your readiness to take a practical flight exam.)

A sport pilot applicant must:

• Be a minimum of 16 years of age to become a student sport pilot.
• Be 17 years of age before testing for a sport pilot certificate.
• Be able to read, write, and understand the English language.

• Hold either a valid airman’s medical or a valid U.S. driver’s license as evidence of medical eligibility (provided you do not have an official denial or revocation of medical eligibility on file with FAA).

Overall the sport-pilot rule makes becoming a pilot and owning an aircraft more affordable and less time consuming for many people, while still ensuring that the safety of aviators and the public is maintained. It will reduce the hassles that have hampered many people from realizing their dream to fly.

Costs of a Sport Pilot

Costs 25 hrs @ $81 per hr a/c rental, 15 hrs @ $35 per hr instruction, Written Exam @ $150, Practical exam @ $250. Sport Pilot Certificate = $2950.00 (not including tax). Actual costs vary with each student this is an estimated cost only and not an actual cost to get a sport pilot rating

Sport Training is not always available at Marshfield or Neillsville. Call for availability
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