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Computerized Exams at Duffy's Aircraft

Duffy's Aircraft is proud to announce that we are a PSI Testing Center (Formerly CATS). We are approved to provide you your computerized exams for the Federal Aviation Administration and others exams.

To Schedule A Test you will first need to:

1. Get a FTN number by registering through the FAA's Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application. That can be done here:

2. After you get your FTN number you will need to register for an account at PSI. After you have registered at PSI you can schedule your test through the website at PSI. To schedule with PSI. This can be done at:

As you are scheduling your test they will ask what test you would like to take. Some of the more common tests we see at Duffy's Aircraft are:

Airplane Exams
PAR - Private Pilot Airplane
SPA - Sport Pilot Airplane
IRA - Instrument Rating Airplane
CAX - Commercial Rating Airplane

Drone 107 Exams
UAG - Unmanned Aircraft General - Small
UGR - Unmanned Aircraft Recurrent

Jeff at Duffy's Aircraft is available for testing on the following days between 9 AM and 4 PM most days.

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • and Saturdays

Appointments are required for a test and can only be made by going to

The Federal Aviation Administration and PSI have established all aviation exam fees at $160 as of Oct. 2019. There is no longer a discount for AOPA or EAA Members

Drone / UAV Applicants - Please bring with you your driver's license. Also make sure that it has your current address on it. If it doesn't, a utility bill with your name and current address is also needed to verify your address.

Aviation Applicants - Please bring the following with you or you will be unable to take a test.

  • 1.A government issued photo identification that has your present address.
  • 2.Endorsement from your instructor or recommended training course such as KING or Gleim for example
  • 3.An E6B Flight Computer
  • 4.A Calculator
  • 5.A Plotter

All other materials (pencils, paper, supplemental booklet, etc.) will be provided for you.

No Cellphones, jackets, hats or non-medical electronic devices are permitted in the room during a test.